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USS Aquina


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25th Century Action on USS Aquinas:


The year is 2415, and the galaxy is in a state of turmoil. After 6 years of constant fighting, and no sign of victory on any side, the Romulans, Klingons, and the Federation signed a cease fire reigniting the hope for peace. With the Federation suffering heavy losses in the war, the Federation Council decided that a new group was needed in order to protect the Federation. This new group’s sole purpose would be to take on missions deemed too dangerous for other Federation Commanders or missions that required a sensitive touch. This group would become known as the Federation Joint Special Operations Command.

In response to the new group, Starfleet ordered that 35 ships be constructed and crewed in order to fulfill their obligations to the Federation. The first ship to be completed in the order was the USS Aquinas, an Odyssey class starship; equipped with experimental technology, the ship was designed to serve as a vessel of peace while maintaining the ability to wage war should the need arise.

The USS Aquinas is a play-by-chat simulation roleplay set in the Star Trek universe, in FSF Alpha's Fleet. It is hosted by FSF Cassiopeia and FSF Ward. It meets every Monday evening from 9PM to 10PM Eastern Time in the chat room “USS Aquinas” on the AIM/AOL network,


Feel free to contact the hosts at or for more information!!


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