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Why did the Borg Cube stop in Best of Both World allow USS Enterpise D capture Locutus


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Reason I came up

First it is possible UFP specail force successful able keep fighting doing damage long after UFP fleet was defeat on all hands. Smell piece evidence to this thoery Borg Cube did deploy something that prevent the USS Enterpise D just beam in a team to capture Locutus. We also have rank only heard once some Vulcan assimlate by the Borg call a Subaltern.

Another possible UFP deploy cloak mines successful slow the Borg Cube down.

Anohter possible I came up with UFP fleet did enough damage slow the Borg Cube down. Even possible fleet might been succesful only lock all fire power singe area of the Borg even though I doubt.  If 40 starship could stop Borg Cube first place if just fire all weapon in one spot. They like crush Borg Cube in Star Terk first Contact unwanted Bug. Pircard likley writen own report.Last but least


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Yor forgetting though the Borg knew everything regarding UFP tactics through Locutus so thats how the borg cube was so easy to defeat most of the federation fleet and at wolf 369.


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But, brilliant Federation minds are always coming up with new strategms and schemes, so they may have become a bit cautious--or, overconfident.

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I say it was whast ever was left of Picard in Locutus that made them stop


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