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R2D2 Easter Egg Canon Explanation


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R2D2 can exist in the Star Trek universe. Star Wars could just be a 20th century movie in the Trek universe. Sometime in the future some engineer could make a robot look like R2D2, they could be a fan of the 20th century and therefore a fan of the Star Wars movies, and model a robot after R2D2


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I do not want to have what you are smoking!


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And Leiah borrowed Vina's Orion Slave Girl outfit,
because girls just share! They want to look hot ...
they don't care how logical it is, or whether they
are crossing genre lines that need not be crossed!


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Anime Odo

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Why did they do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????

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Sorry Trek is not going to cross pollinate with Star Wars....ever.

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