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Player owned Starbases


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In order for the congestion around starbases to be eleviated I suggest that Player Owned Starbases (POSB) be brought into the game. In order for a player to operate a Starbase they would first have to be an Admiral. The next criteria would be that the the structures for the Starbase would have to be located and then assembled together. The structure would be found on planets in missions and on planets. Once the player has the necessary components and structures they would take the components to the Starbase Building Sector that would be accessible much the same way that combat areas are accessible to PVE (player versus environment) are.  Once inside of the SBS the player would need to locate an achoring location around a planet, large asteroid, moon or within an asteroid belt. The player would then transfer the building components to the automated Construction Ship that would build the Starbase or station. Procuring the services of the Construction Ship would require large amounts of dilithium but the actuall components would be found within the free realm of the game.

When building the station or starbase there would be alot of components that would need to go into the building. This new type of add to the game would introduce new professions as Salvager that when taken along on an Away Mission would be able to extract components such as deck grating, structural components, computers....and potted plants from a mission site either in space or on a planet.

Once built the station or starbase would have slots for various offices that would be the same as a regular Starbase. The modules for those slots would be aquired through item drops that would require keys to open them up with.

Base modules would however be free and would come in the form of station shields, reactors and fuel along with station defenses such as phasers and torpodo tubes.

Each SBS would be of various sizes that would allow a certain type and number of Starbases to be built in the sector. There would also be SBS located in the Neutral Zone and other locations in spaces well where starbases could be constructed that would allow for PVP (player versus player) engagements to take place in. If combat ensues in a Neutral Zone of Free Zone SBS and one side is defeated and their stations either captured or destroyed then the winning side would be considered the owner of that sector of space and the SBS until another empire comes along and tries to conquer them.

This type of interaction should make Star trek Online really fun and say the least.


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The person or group owning the POSB could then charge a fee either bing dilithium or bulk items that are collected from item drops that would be comparable to the fee for docking and using the station's services which would be real conveniance in stead of having to travel all the way back to Earth to pick up a new ensign or other related material which could then be transported to the Starbase that you were currently docked up at.

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You do realise that you can go direct to your starbase by transwarping which in turn avoids any congestion from other fleets


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With player-owned starbases, the problem is that there'd be a huge number of them all over the place. The STO universe would have to be MUCH larger. Additionally, there'd have to be more options of regional assets to give other players a reason to want to visit a particular station, as well as the ability to limit to assets from appearing on the exchange. Otherwise, you might as well just hail a freighter.

Don't get me wrong, I support the idea. I just think that there needs to be much more thought put into it, along with incentive for making such a venture viable.

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