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Rare six-clawed lobser is caught


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Its not a mutation its the evolutionary adaptation process at work. Somewhere in this species of lobsters ancient history its ancestors had six claw like appendages on both claw trunks. The trait of DNA that has showed up in this lobster would suggest that somewhere in the lobsters past that its ancestors had the need for six fingers because of the environment that the lobster was in at the time. Over time the same species evolved or adapted to not need six fingers and evolved the claw to suit the purpose of scavenging on the bottom of the sea bed with. Evolution is simply an adaptation of a species for environment that is located in to best suit the need for survival of each quantum of the species.

 For example: Two men of the same height and build are present. One lives in zero degree weather year around and the other lives in 100 degree weather year around. The first male would be covered in hair or fur to keep from losing heat that the body would need to survive. The second male would have hardly any fur or hair on his body as the excess heat would cause problems in the 100 degree climate. Since both humans come from the same gene pool if both were made to trade places eventually the offspring of the fury male would no longer develop fur where as the second male's offspring would re-grow fur that had once been part of their DNA structure when the Earth was colder and all humans were covered in fur. 


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The difference in Evolution and Evolutionary Adaptation

Evolution is the ability of single celled organism to develop its internal structure from a microbial phase into a facility of communications where other organisms gather together to develop a community of cohesive relationships such as developing organs that provide a mutual benefit for the entire facility of organisms that are contained within one facility or structural body. Evolution takes place when a group of single celled organisms have combined together to form the initial body as a whole.

Evolutionary Adaptation is the ability of the structural body of living organism's to adjust to an environment concern such as the increase or decrease of heat or a decrease or increase in the available oxygen or food levels for which the structural body prior to the adaptation had been suited to function or evolved in prior to the environmental concern taking place. Evolutionary Adaptation takes place after a stuctural body of organisms have combined together to form the body as a whole. 

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