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RECRUITMENT: USS Liberator - Inteligence operations

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Stardate 67636.7


Starbase 117 has just received an distress call from the USS Hadliegh, which was on an astronomical survey mission, within the Romulan Star Empire, to examine the devastation caused by the Hobus Supernova. The mission was part of continuing Federation aide projects assisting the Romulans with rebuilding after the disaster. As well as the Hadliegh's regular crew there were also Romulan science and security personnel on board.


The Hadleigh has reported that they have a critical shortage of a new anti-radiation medication they were using to protect the crew against the ultra high levels of radiation in the area. The medicine is a complex pharmaceutical product that cannot be replicated aboard the ship. For some unknown reason the Hadleigh's stockpile has become contaminated. They have only six days of supplies left, but they are twelve days travel at maximum warp away, on the other side of an intense band of radiation and gravimetric disturbance, an after-shock wave from the supernova.


Starfleet needs to send a rescue ship, one fast and tough enough to make the voyage through the disturbance, to rendezvous with the Hadleigh before it’s too late. They need a Defiant Class vessel, but the only one in the sector is lying in Starbase 117’s maintenance dock, halfway through a refit, with no assigned crew.


Starfleet is desperate and is searching the personnel lists of surrounding ships and bases for suitable personnel to draft in to undertake this critical mission.


They've found a commander, now he needs a crew!


In all the confusion and urgency, nobody has asked why Starfleet Intelligence is involved in selecting who gets assigned to the Liberator or why there are unconfirmed rumors that the Hadleigh found something strange and disturbing during it’s survey…



What is the real reason Starfleet is scrambling to get a ship ready?


Why is Starfleet Intelligence involved in selecting the crew?


What did the Hadleigh uncover in Romulan territory?


And what will the Liberator discover when it gets there?


Join the ship and find out! 


The USS Liberator is a new simm in Obsidian Fleet’s Task Force 21-B: Wolf Star Squadron, which will have a strong intelligence role amongst it’s normal missions.


As an Obsidian Fleet Defiant Class ship the USS Liberator has a crew compliment of 15 Officers and 35 Enlisted personnel. Within the technical specs of the design many of the ship’s systems can be managed directly from the multi-functional control panels at the six bridge positions. So many tasks and duties are interchangeable.


This provides players with roleplaying options for their characters far beyond the restricted departmental lines of larger ships.


As on Deep Space Nine, members of the USS Liberator's team will have ample opportunity to fulfill different roles and take part in many aspects of each mission. Also, as on DS9, some Department Head positions will be open to Senior NCO Ranks as well as Officers.


Current positions available are:


Chief Operations Officer


Chief Flight Control Officer


Tactical Chief


Engineering Chief


Science Officer


Diplomat – Can be a Starfleet Officer or Federation Diplomat





As well as the primary positions listed above, there are a variety of secondary and enlisted positions available on the site.


If you have a particular character you think might fit, contact me to discuss options...





Cmdr Mitchell H Fast Horse CO USS Liberator NCC74309 Task Force 21-B Wolf Star Squadron Obsidian Fleet

Fast Horse

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Liberator has begun her first mission!

We're still looking for an Engineer to round out the team!

Cmdr Mitchell H Fast Horse CO USS Liberator NCC74309 Task Force 21-B Wolf Star Squadron Obsidian Fleet

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