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I always see when the polls are over the miscellaneous posts from people regarding their answers.  Where do they post these?  Are they just pulled from the board in general or is there a particular place?




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I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. Are you talking about polls created by individuals in the threads, or the polls on the right side of the screen?


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I've asked the same question. I didn't get an answer from the mods or admins but someone said that they probably pull them from the Facebook or Twitter pages or they just make them up.


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I was curious about the same thing. I think they ought to have the ability to comment on the site, since it appears they don't. There are probably a lot of people who would want to discuss their choices and the poll. Why not at least have a thread for discussion and debate on it? If there already is one, I apologize for my ignorance. I just joined. I've been a bit lazy about signing up, but I do vote in the polls almost religiously. 


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I've been wondering this, too.  When they report the results of a poll, they always include a few comments, but I don't see anyplace to LEAVE those comments.

And yes, this is about the polls that are on the right.  For example, the current poll is "In honor of 'Movember', which Star Trek character had the best facial hair?"  Since I can't leave it anywhere else, I'll say it here:  Other beards were just beards, but Evil Spock's goatee became a characteristic that defined evil alter egos in lots of other media.  That makes it the most interesting/iconic/memorable facial hair.



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