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Courtesy Flush

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Created by: 2takesfrakes


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Whilst using a Public Lavatory,
do you issue a "Courtesy Flush,"
as someone enters the room --
so that they do not have to fully
smell your foul reek?


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LOL heehe what boredom does. I have the decency to open a window and turn on the fan. Otherwise I light a candle.

I once heard a courtesy flush accidentally done on air on some radio show.  To think you get caught using the toilet while waiting to get on the radio show. Embarrassing.

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4 Poll Takers offer Courtesy Flushes
in a Public Rest Room. Not too shabby!
As mentioned, I do offer them, myself.
But I've also made the odd faux pas ...

At an old job once, I found myself
feeling flatulant in the break room,
by myself. So, I let loose. It was
hot, thick ... and lingering. I quickly
left and as I turned the corner, I
heard footsteps. So I paused, to hear
if they noticed. The chick yells out,
with her Sturdy, Peasant Lungs:

"WHO $H!T...?!!"


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Normally the answer is yes - but I tend to be particular about when/where I "partake in those activities."  Sometimes nature calls after some TacoBell and you have to do what you have to do....  In those cases I try to spare others from the misery I'm encountering....  However after two kids, those smells are second nature anymore....  

That is all.... Empok Nor Station Manager

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