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I saw this one a while back and I cant find it anywhere, I checked the wiki on ALL episodes and cant find the description. Cant remember exactly, but there was a 'ship' bombarding a planet because it transformed a giant space morphing creature in to some kind of structure. The 'ship' was the creatures mate. At the end they transformed to (if I remember correctly) sting-ray looking things and flew off... Anybody know?

Captain Plunjer

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Encounter at far point 

episodes 1 and 2

Its the first Star Trek The Next generation episode ever and it was a 2 part episode.


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In the 24th century ...

There is strange and wondrous beauty,
startling experiences that jolt and mystify,
and the danger of complete annihilation ...


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I watched TNG straight from the start and still think this episode was a good start to TNG althought the first two seasons lacked the greatness that the show would become this one is a rare gem and spawned Picards frenemy Q. would have liked to have seen some more of these aliens as they were what trek is all about rather than humanoids

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