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Seeking a Civilian-oriented sim


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Hi there. I've been a PBEM gamer/writer since 1996, in various fleets and groups and fandoms/genres over the years, but the most fun I've ever had is on civilian-based Star Trek sims. Perhaps you've heard of old gems like Siencia Colony, or Kal-Dixas Spaceport, Typhon Station or SS Walkabout? These are just a few of the legendary and awesome groups that I had the pleasure to be a part of.

Ever since Walkabout ended, I've been searching for another like it. Something outside of the normal Starfleet rank-and-file. I've played plenty of Fleeters over the years, but I find the life of a civilian in the Star Trek universe much more compelling for some reason. An archaeologist, a cargo pilot, a private investigator, a frontier doctor. I've played all these characters, and done things with them that proved far more interesting and challenging for me than most things I ever did even in the best Starfleet sims. I'll go back to the Fleet if I have to, but I'd much rather find a civilian-oriented game, or at least a Starfleet game where the civilians aren't relegated to the far fringe sidelines.

An independant colony, a cargo ship, a civilian science vessel, heck, even a group of Maquis survivors trying to rebuild. If anyone knows of such a game, please get in touch with me. My search has been long, arduous, and so far, fruitless and discouraging. Any help would be most appreciated.





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Two weeks and no replies... :\


I guess there really aren't any sims like this out there anymore.


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Well... I have one but it's not play-by-email. It's play-by-forum, which is still mostly text-based if you want to take a look. It's a young board though, so we don't have a ton of things happening at once yet.

There's still a small Starfleet presence, but they're just a science team investigating some interesting things on the planet's surface. The primary focus is the colony.

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Still out there looking for a civilian-oriented sim...


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I know its been a few weeks, but if you're still looking and if you're willing to put up with some of our flaws, the Hartington or Cutty Sark would be happy to have you aboard. I know you didn't like some of what you saw before, but I'm sure we're all able to work things out. Let me know!

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