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Season 3 and 4 Blu-Ray


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I enjoyed the new commentaries for the season 2 set, however I wish there had been several more.

My wish list as it were for the remaining episodes are,

The Xindi,




North Star,

Carpenter Street,

Count Down,

Zero Hour,

For Season 4 I'd like to see,

Storm Front part 1 and/or 2


Borderland, Cold Station 12 and the Augments (Any one of these would be good, doesn't necessarily have to be all 3)


Affliction and Divergence would be pretty awesome as well.


I would enjoy In a Mirror Darkly but I can take it or leave it.

These Are The Voyages. I know many people don't like the last episode, however I'm one of the few people who do enjoy this episode. I would love a new commentary for it.




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