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When did you first realize you were a Trekie? Personally it was when I saw Generations in the theater. It wasn't the best of the Trek movies by far but the scene where Kirk tells Picard, "Just call me Jim" gave me goose bumps, almost as if he was talking to me. I know, I know but I'm man enough to admit it. What was your moment of clarity?


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You make it sound like admitting you're a Trekkie is a bad thing.


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On a recent board (I don't remember wich), someone was complaining that too many Trekkies complained about Star Trek and nit-pick at it. It is FUN to complain about Star Trek and nit-pick on details. One does not have to be a geek to do it, and it shows how well integated Star Trek is into our lives. Whom do we complain the most in our daily life ? Family and friends. But it does not mean that we love them any less. In my life, I often find myself refering to Star Trek when I have to decide if something is good or wrong. I am a happy Trekker and I welcome all who want to join !

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I watched TOS with my dad at night .. i was maybe 9 years old... and i watched it initialy cause he watched it .. somewhere along the line i had watched all the episodes and enjoyed it. but TNG was the real start of a long love affair with all things trek.


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Probably at the point where I realised that the weekly Star Trek was the highlight of my week. I was in kind of a bad head-space at that time, and a couple of hours of Star Trek each weekend was kind of my escape. One time they had just finished playing "Whispers", and I was so bummed that I had to wait through another week of crappiness that I went out to the shops and purchased the first box-set of DS9 that I could find.

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I first realised ?i was a Trekie when I saw a TOS episode think it was The Devil in The Dark or possibly Where no man has gone before I watched them because as a young child it was funny to see a guy with pointy ears saying illogical a lot. But after that I didnt see it for awhile until one day I saw the rerun of Mirror Mirror and since that day I was hooked


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I'm second generation, of the Dallas Trekkies.
MY dad watched it a lot and I just ran with it, a lot more than he did. 

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Truth be told I became a Trekkie as a kid watching it with my dad while other kids watched football. I didn't miss a thing, loved my toy phaser, tricorder even the cartoon reels in my view master (I'm dating myself now). Kirk and Spock and the Enterprise was just a part of my life and I had no clue how much it was ingrained until that Kirk Picard scene I mentioned.

I'm excited to see where it goes with Abrams reboot.

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I've tried denying my love of
STAR TREK: The Next Generation.
Oh, how I've tried ...

But, I can't do it, anymore
... I don't even want to!

TNG is so deeply satisfying,
that it actually transends its
sci-fi/fantasy presentation ...
becoming an ethreal experience.
One shared with millions of fans,
in every corner of every nation!


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I was an insomniac 13 year old watching re-runs of voyager on UPN at like very first ep was collective and i was hooked!  so creepy and intriging!  I still to this day am obsessed with the Borg!


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I can hardly remember. I must've been around 6 or so when I first saw TNG and I loved it from the very first day.

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