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First Contact


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Hey does anyone know the name of the Berlioz composition Picard was listening to in the holodeck before they engaged the Borg?


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I believe it was Vallon Sonore from Les Troyens

Blast your theories and observations!


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Thanks, I guess I was too impatient on first partial listen it didn't sound similar despite the fact it popped up in all my searches.


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First Contact ... wow ...
what an amazing achievement
for Jonathan Frakes, as a
director! One of the most
successful STAR TREK movies,
and for it's time, the biggest
money maker in the franchise.
Whilst I am most definitely a
fan of this motion picture, I'm
just as partial to Insurrection.


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I watched First Contact again recently. . . .had time to kill & movie was starin at me. . . . . .Never noticed how Awesome the Music was. . . . I dont like it when Star Trek Puts DATES on things. . . . .they should leave certain future things Vague. . . .We'll get there Eventually!!. . . . . Now til 2063, Every ST nerd will be counting down the Years, & what happens when the Vulcans don't show???. . . . . .. . . only 2 more years til Doc Emmit Brown Appears in the Delorean in PineValley.

Jeen Luck Pickerd

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I agree skok. Maybe they will make up some sort of an excuse (such as it was 2064 on the "new earth calendar" or something like that )

"Flowers!!! is there a John Luck Pickerd here?" -Q


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Great movie except the Borg Cube battle at the beginning seems a bit rushed.

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