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What do you want (or not want) to see in the next Trek film?


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Report this Sep. 24 2013, 6:00 am

I can forgive Enterprise under the sea next to the cliff (they should have been in orbit) and even Spok inside an erupting vulcan. What I cannot forgive is such a stupid/idiot Spok stabbing his Captain in the back, because Kirk violating the prime directory (in order to save his life)! After all this Spok has already met the alternate Spok from the future, who told him to be more "human" in order to nurish what will be a lovely friendship with his Captain. I mean... it whould not be so difficult to find another simple way to put Kirk in trouble with the prime directory, without compelling Spok to betray his Captain with the funny excuse: I can't lie!!! Yes, we definitely need better story writers at first!!!!

Hoping this alternate universe caused by the first movie will start soon the 5 years exploration to really baldly go where no one has been before!

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