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Lee Daniels' The Butler is an ambitious, sweeping period drama that manages to be incredibly affecting and feel as if the words ''For Your Consideration'' are stamped across every frame. Inspired by the true story of an African-American steward who worked under eight presidents (Truman through Reagan), the film stars Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines — an unassuming man who witnesses history close-up at a time when a new chapter seems to be written daily. As proof of how radically the world will change during his lifetime, the story begins with Cecil as a boy working on a cotton plantation, where his employer (a fragile, haughty Vanessa Redgrave) teaches him how to serve white folks: ''The room should feel empty when you're in it.


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Watch We’re the Millers Movie Online : (Download We’re the Millers Movie) If you have ever had to loss of seeing the 2006 Robin the boy wonder Williams crazy RV you would probably be challenged to sit down and observe We’re The Millers. (Watch We’re the Millers Online)On the outer lining area they are near similar movies- a man trying to type through the structural lifestyles of his close relatives as they take a journey in a camper. The distinction being, that while RV was conventional, straightly laced family associates comedy, We’re The Millers is conventional, total out bathroom crazy similar to what has become the standard thanks to The Hangover and their type.


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Half of this movie was made up stuff...(not hating, just the truth)...and I think this should be in '10-forward', not 'Movies'

Dammit Jim I'm a trekkie, not a doctor!

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