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Kre-O building sets discussion


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Over the past few months, I have been buying up the Hasbro building sets for Star Trek into Darkness. Here are some of my thoughts:


Enterprise Playset- 

Pro: This one is a fun build, and makes for a great display item. I enjoyed that it came with extra pieces to support the saucer section when you are building it.  

Con: There are a lot of unitasking pieces. The electronics on the deflector and nacelle are a single unit, which reduces the build time. Also, why are we getting so many of these "Specialist" (Vengeance crew members) in this set?


Klingon Bird of Prey-

Pro: Another very fun build. Specific to STID,

Con: Klingon minifig helmets are built into their heads and are not removeable. Uhura's fig looks unduly mannish. 


Spock's Volcano Mission-

Pro: The shuttlecraft is a nicely detailed build, strongly resembles the genuine article.

Con: The volcano piece really should have been a building project. Instead, it's a single piece of plastic. Pretty lazy.


Transporter Trouble-

Pro: You have to give them credit: the lights and turntable make a pretty ingenious transporter effect. Less detailed than the 2009 playset, but more fun to use.

Con: Scotty's minifig looks nothing like him. Actually, it kinda looks like red shirt Chekov.



Pro: The light-up Kirk figure is pretty nifty. For the simplest set in the series, it's fun to put together.

Con: Is that "Specialist" in this set supposed to be CumberKhan? We may never know. 


Kre-On Blind Bags-

Pro: The bags are numbered, so if you want to collect them all it's easy to do so without duplication. The Keenser and Gorn figures are highly detailed.

Con: The coats for Nero and the Klingon are a flimsy piece of plastic. Not great. 


U.S.S. Vengeance-

Pro: I keep saying this, but it's true. These sets are a lot of fun to build.

Con: Same unitasking piece for the light-up components. Too many "Specialist" figures who resemble no one in particular.


Other Thoughts-

One way in which LEGO really has a leg up on their competition is capturing likenesses in the minifigs. Too many of these figures do not look like the characters. 

The package design is a nice touch. All the sets open up so that the box forms a tray for building. It's a pretty great feature for kids.



While I have no doubt LEGO would have done a better job in many areas, the building sets are enjoyable to build. While I would have liked to see more items specific to the 2013 movie, it was a fun way to collect the Enterprise crew without having to buy yet another action figure line.


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These sets are great! 2 tips to share: I took the pillars from the transporter set and placed them in the bridge of the Enterprise. These keep the 'lid' popped open. Also, I didn't want to lose the tiny lava pieces, so I attahed them to the corners of the space jump doors, where they look like lights of reflectors.

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