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Trek for Rookies Continues


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Report this Aug. 29 2013, 4:48 pm

Last year was laid flat with some health complications. Was essentially immobile for seven months. Right before the worst of it, had ordered “Star Trek: The Original Series” on Bluray because I was so impressed with Abrams’ 2009 flick. Quickly become Trek obsessed and watched all five series, back to back, within a six month period.

As I delved into the world of Trekkies, I kept hearing the same thing from newbies: “I love Abrams’ films, but don’t know where to start regarding the TV shows.”

I cover sci-fi for a geek/action/movie/comic site called, so I started a series called “Trek for Rookies.” I give overall views on each of the series, mostly spoiler free, from the perspective of a Trek rookie, instead of someone who’s been watching the shows for decades.

Today I posted the fourth in the series, regarding Deep Space Nine, but at the bottom of the article are also links to the Overview, Enterprise and Voyager. Here’s the link:

Any and all feedback is truly appreciated, keeping in mind that obviously, people’s opinions vary.

Thanks for being. Live long and prosper.

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