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Trek for Rookies - DS9


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Last year was laid flat with some health complications. Was essentially immobile for seven months. Right before the worst of it, had ordered “Star Trek: The Original Series” on Bluray because I was so impressed with Abrams’ 2009 flick. Quickly become Trek obsessed and watched all five series, back to back, within a six month period.

As I delved into the world of Trekkies, I kept hearing the same thing from newbies: “I love Abrams’ films, but don’t know where to start regarding the TV shows.”

I cover sci-fi for a geek/action/movie/comic site called, so I started a series called “Trek for Rookies.” I give overall views on each of the series, mostly spoiler free, from the perspective of a Trek rookie, instead of someone who’s been watching the shows for decades.

Today I posted the fourth in the series, regarding Deep Space Nine, but at the bottom of the article are also links to the Overview, Enterprise and Voyager. Here’s the link:

Any and all feedback is truly appreciated, keeping in mind that obviously, people’s opinions vary.

Am posting the DS9 piece here, for I figure people would be able to offer valuable input. For VOY and ENT, people gave me comments, concerns and corrections that I then added.

Again, please keep in mind, people's minds function differently. You may agree with some, all or nothing that I wrote. But I believe it may be helpful to people just starting out on the Trek path.

And to close, from what I've experienced, of all the Trek fandoms, the Niners seem to be the most passionate/intense about things. On the upside, I look forward to feedback from people who know more about the series than I. On the downside, I did write some things that die-hard Niners might disagree with. Constructive and diplomatic disagreements are definitely appreciated. However, any comments that are malicious will be deleted.

Thanks in advance for your awesomness. Live long and prosper.


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It takes getting used to. I followed the same tactic I used for watching Voyager: consulted several online episode guides with ratings, and tried my best to select high-rated episodes.


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dude you have to watch the series in order!!!!! If you don't your not going to get anything out of it!!!!! But it is nice to see some new Trekies (or Trekers)

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I agree with Anime Odo...  I think even though it probably is going to be painful, you have to watch the espisodes in order (especially with DS9).  There are threads that will run multiple shows, seasons even, with gaps between sequential shows.  Without watching them all, you'll miss some of the nuances that were built into the dialogue through the years.  Personally, if you can make it through the first two seasons you'll be on easy street.  Those first two were the hardest to get through...  but the others make up for it.  

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