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Question about First Contact


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At the beginning of First Contact, when the Enterprise is in the battle with the Borg Cube, and then we also see the Defiant in the battle, that only half makes sense to me all of a sudden. It absolutely makes sense that the Defiant would be in that battle, that ship was designed to fight the Borg in the first place. However Sisko is the Captain of that ship, not Worf. Yet Worf is the only member of the senior staff we see on the ship. So why would Starfleet send out the Defiant to battle the Borg, with Worf in command? Why would Sisko have remained on the station? It's likely that in that situation, Sisko, Bashir, Worf and Dax, and probably O' Brien and maybe even Kira should have been on that ship too.

Now I know the reality of the situation is, they added Worf to the DS9 crew between TNG movies and now they wanted Worf back for First Contact and they had to find a way to get him back for the movie. And also I realize that they might not have been able to afford to pay both the TNG cast and DS9 cast, because if more of the crew had been on the Defiant, they would have wound up on the Enterprise too, and that would have wound up making First Contact a TNG and DS9 movie. Which I personally think that would have been kinda cool. Especially to see Sisko and Picard meet again, as we know they aren't particularly fond of eachother.

But all that aside, it just seems like they should have come up with another way to bring Worf into the movie. Or just leave Worf out of the rest of the TNG movies. Because this is a big plot hole that never crossed my mind before. But there is no reason for Sisko to not have been on that ship that I can think of. If the writers wanted Worf on DS9, than they should have thought ahead and realized that means you either can't use him in future movies or you need to find a good explanation for bringing him back. In Nemesis it actually makes the most sense, because you just naturally assume he is on the Enterprise to celebrate the wedding of Riker and Troi.

Has anybody else ever thought about this kind of thing before? Any reasonable explanations?


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The stardate for First Contact puts its around the time of the DS9 episode Blaze of Glory when Sisco was in the Badlands with Michael Eddington which explains his absense. This was also when The Dominion was sending weekly convoys through the wormhole to Cardassia so I doubt they'd want to send all their senior officers away when its possible that war could break out at any time. I doubt the Defiant was called all the way from Bajor either so it was probably already in the vacinity on some other mission when Starfleet called for reinforcements.


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Good as answer as any. Thanks!

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