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Earth Likely Comes From Mars


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Very interesting article. If the meterorite did come from Mars...maybe it was the meteorite that killed off the dinosaurs and gave humanity it spark here on Earth.

If true then we should take another chunk of Mars and hurl it towards another Earth like planet and see what happens.



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What article?

I don't think Earth came from Mars, although some rocks may have interchanged from one planet to another.

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I think its great that some scientists are now admitting life couldn't have started by itself on Earth.  Something had to put it here.

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Life on Earth most likely results from many factors occuring during the chaos of when the Sol System was first forming from molten blobs and the rapidly expanding Big Bang.

Look at the Oort Cloud that surrounds our solar system. Comprised mostly of watery ice. Ice contains water and oxygen, otherwise it wouldn't ice.

The main mystery however is not how everything got started that is really paradoxial to be honest. The mystery is how is humanity going to reach the Oort Cloud and convert those beautiful chunks of ice into useable forms of fuel, water and oxygen for humanity to build from?

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