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Well Done J.J.Abrams


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Ever since I can remember I have followed Star Trek, alas round about 2002 the franchise as we knew it started to loose its zeal, basically down to the fact the producers decided to use Trek as nothing more than a revenue making exercise which was not part of Mr Roddenberry's dream of delivering a Wagon Train to the stars and making a couple of bucks in the process. This resulted in shows being sold to the highest bidder, delays in Television release dates and months of delays on release to VHS which cheesed me off no end when I was trying to collect the final episodes of ST Voyager. Yes, through no fault of the many fine actors who have graced the Star Trek universe and who had to suffered dry story arks sitting acting out scenes of
endless boring chit chat telling the audience how harshley they were treated by the cardassians for three
quarters of an episode, the show was doomed...not withstanding the entire Star Trek dream. As much as I
enjoyed seeing the Next Gen cast together one last time, Nemisis was the final nail in the coffin.

Then in 2009 along came the next 40 years of Star Trek in a brand new re boot for old and new fans alike. J.J. Abrams has rescued the Star Trek universe from complete inialation, utilising technology to its limit to
give us a more hopefull vision of the future, paying homage to previous actors contributions into the
bargain by bringing in some of the most talented fresh faced actors to grace hollywoods red carpet. Without tarnishing what Mr Roddenberry intended for us....and continuing to make a couple of bucks.

I hope to see at least two more movies with J.J at the helm he's a credit to the franchise. Think an Alias movie should be considered by the way :)

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Not everyday yu see a post thanking JJ....very brave my friend

I agree that it gave the franchise as an entirety a facelift but I totally understand the trekkies who do not like the pacing and action of the new movies. I for one thought they were great fun and the second had a very Star Trek-esque metaphorical storyline, and apparently Eugene Roddenberry (son of Gene) said he liked the new movie (2009 at least) and that his father would have approved (the same thing Majel Barrett said). I thought that Karl Urban and Quinto werer great and that Pine was great and reinvented Kirk as a younger, headstrong version.


However, I do not like the Uhura/Spock relationship. I think it detracts from teh quality of the films and makes Zoe Saldana's Uhura look whiney and not as capable as she did at times in the first movie. Spock is rather emotional but also emotional selectively so that is ok with me...but I dont like the Uhura/Spock connection...its not really necessary.

Cumberbatch was spectacular, but making it Khan was a mistake...if they were, they should have had a huge marketing "he is back" campaign to draw fans to see a true classic in TWOK and then also Space Seed...I would call teh movie an homage, but the "khan!" scream was too much and Kirk should have had to order somebody to die to save the ship so that it would have made him more mature...I think Cumberbatch would have made a great disgruntled Kelvar Garth who turns on the Federation but alas that didnt the five year mission should have waited until after the final movie...overalll still liked STID...6th favorite trek movie to date...

Kudos to JJ for making fun summer blockbuters, but not classic trek...a new direction for trek, but not the classic

Wlecome to the boards EdinQ!

Dammit Jim I'm a trekkie, not a doctor!


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Ian McShane should be in the next series! Dead meets evil nemesis !

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