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getting my boyfriend into star trek


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Hey fello trekkies!

I finally got my boyfriend to watch Star Trek: The Next Generation with me and now we have almost finished watching the entire series!

I have no idea what series I should introduce him to next

Ideas anyone?


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I'd go for DS9 seeing as it was the next series to go into production after TNG. It's my favourite Star Trek show by far with its greater focus on character development and more serialised story telling. Shows like Voyager and Enterprise always felt more like mediocure imitations of TNG to me.


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I would go for TOS or DS9. At this point Enterprise would be too out of place, and you need to know what's been happening in DS9 to get a feel for Voyager with The Maquis situation.


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The rest of the 24th Century era
spin-offs try to ape the success
can only try to come close. TOS
is very charming, but its 1960's
shortcomings, even in the re-do's
and updated versions, might put
him off the rest of the franchise.

That leaves you both with ...

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