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Wasted Talent

Captain Plunjer

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When i think back at enterprise ... i think of the words 'wasted talent' .... the show had so much to offer and at times in its 4 seasons, it forfilled that talent .. season 3 was innovative in terms of trek ... the continued storyline, the change from the trek peace premise to a more aggressive show ....the pace of the show picked up to match the new younger viewer and the way TV was changing at the time... all in all season 3 was 1 of the best seasons in star trek history.... season 4 was damn good as well.


Part of the problem with why it failed was the creators of the show ….at the time,  there was no bridge between the older trek fans which compared everything to TOS and TNG…  the trek fans with an open mind and the newer viewers they wanted to attract. That bridge SHOULD have been the Trek movies .. but trek movies aside from a select few … have been a disaster … so what we had during that time was a show which didnt know which base of there audience to commit too.. and had no idea how to bridge them together.  we saw the lack of direction right in front of our faces when they decided to change the name of the show from Star Trek Enterprise to simply Enterprise in season 2... and then back to Star Trek Enterprise.


Ultimatley there viewers dictated the direction of the show… when the old school trek fans jumped ship, they were left with the open minded trekkies and new was only then when they finally commited themselves to a real direction. and they got it right... Unfortunatley, adding the Xindi wars meant abandoning the temperal cold war and every other important plot line from the 1st 2 seasons. Those unfinished storylines has always been a big problem for me… and im sure others felt the same way.


The other BIG problem with the show was the failure to add interesting periphrial characters to surround Archer, Tpol, Trip and phlox . Im torn to this day weather it was bad casting, bad scripts for those other characters or a little of both … but either way, 4 characters and shran had to carry every show … part of what has made the trek series so great has been the great casting of there periphrial characters and the stories which indere them to us … just never happened with yoshi, reed and mayweather … and when they did try and center a show around any of those 3.. the episode always lacked. If you noticed they esssentially abandoned those 3 characters as main parts of a show starting in season 3 and centered storylines around the 4 main characters.


My belief is if the show had better direction, it would have gone down with the same luster as the other trek series and easily would have lasted 7 years …  its ashame.. there were some great episodes in the 4 seasons .. and i was looking forward to a war with romulas, a continued storyline with Shran and the interesting relationship they were forging between earth and vulcan late in the series…   There were issues with Enterprise,  but ultimatley its creators lack of direction did it in.



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I believe the writing wasn't very good. If you listen to the speaking, it doesn't sound natural, or at least as natural as other serieses. I noticed in the bloopers, even the actors agreed.

I also agree with your assesment of the fans. Some people just can't accept a new thing. Compared to the new Star Trek movies, it still had the same tone as the rest of the serieses-- still the classic themes. so I really do not see the problem in hindsight.

Maybe if we all vote for Enterprise on the poll, we'll get a step closer to bringing it back?

DUKAT!!!!! -Major Kira


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I concur, with regard to the dialogue
not sounding "natural," in ENTERPRISE.
Yes, everyone's given their little
personality "quirks," but they play
more as gimmicks, than as personality.
Phlox practices alternative medicine.
Trip likes cheezy monster movies.
T'Pol dares to sleep with a Human ...
But their conversations often sound
service-able, flat and flavourless.


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Agreed. And every time I hear "Cap'n" I want scratch my eyes out.


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@ Captain Plunjer

The "periphrial characters just never happened with yoshi, reed and mayweather … and when they did try and center a show around any of those 3.. the episode always lacked."

I think that "Vanishing point" was excellent."

Blalock & Nimoy were the best two actors in the Star Trek universe. Go Vulcans!

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