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USS Sphinx - The Truth Behind the Myth


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For every myth, there is some ounce of truth.

Myths and whispers; they are the foundations of any society.

Myths of Gods gone mad and demons running a amok in rage...

Battles of frightening heroes struggling against epic foes; these are the things which drive minds and imaginations of entire civilizations alike.

What if they where true? What if you could walk amongst your most wondrous fantasy...

Can myths survive the in the Pegasus Fleet, or will logic and reason prevail? After all, the prime timeline has mysteries than you think.

Welcome to Pegasus Fleet's pit of Myths and Whispers...

...Welcome, to the Starship Sphinx.



The Centaur-Class USS Sphinx, attached to Pegasus fleet's 11th Fleet is looking for crew to fill key top department positions!

The current openings where are currently seeking players to fill the following positions are:

Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Engineer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Group Commander
Various Civilian Positions

And many, MANY more!

USS Sphinx Site Link:

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