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Ben Affleck as Batman

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I'm curious to see the response from Trek fans on this subject as we are very opinionated when it comes to the casting of the hero and the villian. I personally think it's a horrible choice. I don't feel Affleck has the depth of the acting chops needed to carry out the role. No matter what role he plays, I can't suspend my disbelief and so he's always Ben playing some other dude. If they couldn't land Bale, I think some no-name actor should've been chosen.

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I like Ben.  Enjoyed many of his movies, but cannot see him as some tortured, troubled soul like Batman.  I also don't think he has the right physical look.  He always strikes me as someone who is just a few Dunkin Donut visits from being 20 lbs overweight.  Kinda Val Kilmer.  Better choice would have been the guy who just played Dredd and McCoy.   

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I think that ben affleck could possibly pull it off but I just think that there are far better choices out there. I am much more skeptical of them being able to pull off a batman superman crossover. (Yes I have read Frank Miller but outside of nolanverse, DC has been pulling alot of "meh" quiality movies out of their hat)

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When I think "Batman", his is not the face I would picture. However, I think he may yet be able to pull it off. Other actors have surprised me more in the past. I can't really vote either yes or no until I actually see Affleck's performance in the role.

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