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Why Scientists Don't Discuss UFOs


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A most interesting article on the subject ...
and a worthy read!


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Ok...I will bite. I disagree with the premise that scientists are unwilling to talk about UFO's. There is a dedicated community of scientists who are happy to discuss UFO's. They are more than happy to acknowledge that UFOs exist. THey are just not comfortable stating that they are otherworldly. Davis states that UFOs are real and being controlled by supremely advanced beings....Most scientists are nerds who would love that to be true, but unlike davis they require evidence that is not made of personal testimonials or crappy videos to make that determination. I would remind the good people at Mufon that the responsibilty lies on those who make extrodinary claims to produce the evidence to back up their claims,, not on the scientific community to disprove those claims.  


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The reason why scientists do not discuss aliens or life existing in the Universe which would involve UFO's is because scientists function in a world of 1's and 0's. Either its true or it's not.

If a scientist would go out on a limb and speculate that UFO's existed then he or she would immediately be attacked by the rest of the scientific community and by those who are too apathetic to understand science.

Scientists deal in exacting quantative values of expressions.

....but we can discuss it all we like because we cannot only believe in UFO's and aliens but we can also theorize without having to prove they exist that they actually do exist.

Think of the Big Bang as the point at which a sperm cell breaches the barrier of the egg and begins the process of procreation. As the egg grows, being the Big Bang, so to would the Universe inside of the womb of the woman. The fetus of life would be contained within the Universe where Dark Matter would be the placenta.

As with a womans womb usually only one egg is fertilized and only one fetus grown....but in some cases up to seven developing fetus' can be carried by the woman at a single time. In this case each fetus would represent a planet capable of sustaining life or having life on it.

So in OUR quest to determine if life and UFO's exist aside from Earth we can yes because we can track the very nature of life in the Universe through the procreation process here on Earth which after all did have its beginnings with the Big Bang and since a woman can give birth to more than one human at a time so too would the Universe be able to give birth to more than one planet capable of sustaining life or life already existing on it.

We can debate such things and drive science to develop what we need to explore and prove our theories because we do not live in a world of 1's and 0's....which is good but the scientists need to live in a world of 1's and 0's in order to be exacting in their science to bring us closer to our theories.


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Sure, but the issue is a claim made by an individual...davis in this case who, as a scientist stated that we are being visited by highly advanced beings. I would be overjoyed....but the problem is that people like him and the good people at mufon are great at selling books and filming bs history and discovery channel docs but the evidence for their suppositions never quite materialize. 

I mean there is nothing wrong with theorizing but we can do that in science as well. case in point: the Drake equation which determines that other life in the universe is a near mathmatical certainty. Black holes were discovered with pen and paper and math long before we actually found them. 

Sure there is nothing wrong with speculation and theorization, but I would like mr davis to deliver the bacon, to back up his extrodinary claim with the chain of evidence that led him to his conclusion. 

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Simply put. People in reputable positions want to not viewed as “crack pots” No one wants to be the wilder beast out in the open instead of being in the safe comfort zone of the herd where they can’t be attacked by lions.  But sooner of later you have to be a leader and stand your ground.
One time people thought the earth was flat but then they advanced, made instruments and discovered new knowledge that was “hidden before“. It was always there but some people need instruments/machines to help them see the invisible since their faith alone was not strong enough.
Eventually the truth will set people free and out of the dark ages.  In other words, the life out there and even on our earth will in time prove of its existence and no special interest can stop it.

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Why scientists don't discuss UFOs.

Actually, some (quite reputable) scientists do.

But generally speaking, in many cases scientists specialise in other things, which may or may not encompass UFOs as a subject. Those who are more concerned with studying deep-sea marine life, for example, are unlikely to get involved with UFOs because that is not their specialty.

As for other scientists, some don't want to touch the subject because of the risk to their careers.

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