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Evidnece that Section 31 do not use Odo as boiligcal weapon against his own people.


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Facts in Star Terk Deep Space Nine Episdoe Children of Time

Odo not infect in Deep Space Nine Epsidoe Children of Time. There not talk Odo being infect by a virus nore any reason to keep classfied.

Facts UFP has capture Jem Harder POW. Section 31 ethic problem come to ways force them to tell were Founders homeworld is. Guessing they could use other information from USS Defaint to get the information after. Pratice might Odo by mistake get infect rather then be Section 31 aims. Fact he was last shapeshifter rather then first shapeshiter to get sick be evidnece Section 31 infect Founders without Odo.



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Interesting, but why is this on the TNG board? This belongs on the DS9 board. Section 31 was never mentioned on TNG, and never had anything to do with TNG.


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sorry but i dont think that proves anything.

the sickness had an incubation stage which seemed to acclerate with incressed shape shifting.

that future Odo was stuck in his liquid for for a good while...........maybe years or decades.So it may have out lived the time the illness need to effect him.

the planet itself may have also cured him




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