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Into Darkness Fan Trailer


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Report this Aug. 24 2013, 10:57 am

*Link on bottom if you want to jump straight to watching*

A quick trailer I threw togather over night. This will not be my last trailer. I plan on making many more for all of the movies/TV series. As of right now, video editing/production is only a hobby for me so any feedback is welcome! As for the music in the trailer, it is a track inspired by trailer #3. It's the same two songs, cut very much so the same. Only difference is the sound effects in the music and the accuracy of the track cuts (I did what I could with what was presented). I did plan on extracting the track before adding footage so that others did not have to go through the trouble I did... but I forgot. Sorry!

The footage itself does contain some spoilers and is straight from the "1080p" iTunes copy. I did notice some sluggish 1080 playback on Youtube after uploading it but I believe it's just Youtube (and honestly most people will not notice). The copy on my desktop (which is in proper h.264 Youtube format) played flawlessly...hoping it's not a upload issue.

Anyways, enjoy!

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