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Vulcan, Canda is in need of assistance


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Live long and prosper in Vulcan, the 'Star Trek Capital of Canada'

Farmland dominates the view when driving through the vast spaces of the Canadian Prairies, so chances are you’ll remember the tiny town with a visitor’s center shaped like a space ship and a welcome sign greeting guests in three languages: English, Klingon and Vulcan.

There are fields and phasers in Vulcan, Alberta, population less than 2,000, which happens to share its name with the home planet of Mr. Spock, the beloved pointy-eared character on “Star Trek.”

Vulcan should invest in opening up 3D Printing Shops through out the city. 3D Printing is similar to the Trek Replicator Device because the 3D Printer takes powered components and layers them into a model that is designed using 3D software.....You can basically say "Earl Grey" and the printer will make the tea cup for you.

The addition of liquid is merely done by adding a beverage mixer to the unit along with a heater to heat the tea as it is poured into the tea cup.

All ships standby for warp......

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