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Mine are,

1. Insurrection

2. First Contact

3. The Undiscovered Country

4. Generations

5. The Search For Spock

6. The Motion Picture

7. Nemesis

8. The Final Frontier

9. The Voyage Home

10. The Wrath of Kahn

11. Into Darkness

12. 2009

Now let me say that I love each and every one of these movies, and I classify all 12 as my favorite movies in general. I don't dislike any of them, but unfortunately something has to end up at the bottom. I know many of these films will be somewhat out of place, but it's my list nonetheless.


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I change my mind on this a I guess it will be fun to see how it comes out this time around:


1. The Wrath of Khan

2. The Search for Spock

3. The Motion Picture

4. Star Trek Into Darkness

5. Star Trek (2009)

6. First Contact

7. The Final Frontier

8. The Undiscovered Country

9. Nemesis

10. The Voyage Home

11. Generations

12. Insurrection


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Interesting thread.

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This will probably change by next week -- they're all pretty close in my mind.

1. First Contact

2. Voyage Home

3. Into Darkness

4. Generations

5. Insurrection

6. '09

7. Wrath of Khan

8. Search for Spock

9. Final Frontier

10. The Undiscovered Country

11. Motion Picture

12. Nemesis


Didn't miss any, did I ? Galaxy Quest (since it was on the con. poll) would go absolutely to the top of the list and then WAY above any of those films! And I don't hate Nemesis. Like I said -- these are close.

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here is my two cents worth

1. The Wrath of Khan

2. First Contact

3. The Undiscovered Country

4. The Search for spock

5. Generations

6. The Voyage home

7. The Motion(less) picture

8. Insurrection

9. Nemesis

10. ST 2009

11 The Final Frontier


I havent included Galaxy Quest since it isn't a star trek movie

The first 3 enough said they have a good story and action in the movies so they are pretty close

ST 2009 and The Final Frontier I would say are joint second from last. The Final Frontier for the appaling story and shocking direction  (Sorry Shatner) 

2009: Althought it is better than FF in story the change of look of romulans the whole alt universe, destroying vulcan and romulus  and so many issues with the characters leaves this film as joint last.

STID: This film had destroyed any desire to see another ST film release at the cinema esopecially if JJ Abrams is in it or if it's the new universe. Not only does is look like any other action based sci-fi movie. the way it was a cheap rip off of my fave film. Destroyed any enjoyment of the film and the spock version of Khhhhaaaaannnn left me with a bad taste which gives me little desire to even get the dvd to complete my Star Trek collection. This film is last and I class it as my least favourite film

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