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Were Section 31 try triger a war between UFP and Romulus Star Empire when they testing phase cloak device on USS Pegasus


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Biggest question why did USS Pegasus have such fatal accident. Let face it USS Enterpise D keep close eye on it order make sure that did blow up face keep close eye something compture if design right would to do task USS Enterpise D had compture on board for that even TOS Enterpise Compture up to task. Fact UFP know about the Borg first place might motive to try triger a war Romulus. While Caption on USS Pegasus might awere of Section 31 plan getting himself and crew killed. It might had do the uppering in first place fact crew first place.


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This was such a great episode
that it was once again referenced
in "canon" during the final episode
on ENTERPRISE! It's a very successfull
episode, on many levels. It's probably
the best "Riker" episode, on TNG ....

On ENT, why he would use a HOLODECK to
help him gain insight into his dilemma is
a question I don't think anyone can answer.

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