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Were was Section 31 in Yesterday Enterpise timeline


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Report this Aug. 22 2013, 6:46 am

Let for secound assum for secound UFP intellegnce is right Section 31 does not know better. Klingon are winning the war were is Section 31 when might able safe UFP it self being destory. Let face Section 31 is not against idea deploying boi weapons or other WMDs at threat UFP. Also Section 31 has it own top secert fleet and WMDs and so on.

This was war over terrioiry meaning that Klingon and UFP not fighting over. That UFP getting defeat pratice reason only meant became even more militeirze. That terms surreinder meant that more or less. Section 31 might even play two side pawns on field this thoery back even more so Star Terk into Darkness were Section 31 try get UFP lot more militeize.  Out of fear of Borg or so on. 

Section 31 goal let war along possible allow boi weapon slowly Klingon slowly weaken the Klingon Empire. Means that war boi weapon make sure war go on for decades more if not longer.

I interest other possible thoeries.


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