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What Your Favourite Star Trek Movie Says About You


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Heres a great article about what yoour favourite Star Trek movie says about you. i think it is pretty much spot on and i like the love for Star Trek V. Worth a read.


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Thanks for shaing this.
I now want to watch them all in order!


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Very detailed write up. At least from my perspective, it seems right on point. I know that Im in the minority having Insurrection as my fav ST movie, but this article does pretty much sum it up. 

"Finally TNG gets back to what made you love the show. Ignoring all the action scenes, this film is a highlight for you because it is the last time you see the Next Generation crew do what made the series so special and stand pleases you to know that people who see this film will also get an education on what is right and wrong. It also brings out the rebel in you, you always stand up for the little guy in a fight."

Read more at 

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I liked this. I like how there's nothing negative about any of the movies. That is a very rare thing. In almost every written Trek document like this that I came across, it almost always praises one movie or movies and then bashes the ever living crap out of another. And it's the exact same thing when it's something that talks about the tv shows. There's no need for that. I don't know if the description of the person based on their favorite movie is 100% accurate though. Insurrection is my favorite personally, but I read the descriptions to most of the movies, and I am pretty fond of The Final Frontier, and I disagree with the religious statement made in it. I love Star Trek V and I am also a very religious person. Star Trek V does not bother me as Star Trek V in my opinion isn't really attacking religion at all. Or at least not any one religion in particular. The only thing this movie does is attack a life form claiming that he is god when he really is not god. I see nothing wrong with this. It has nothing to do with me personally, nor the God whom I believe in. Other than little things like I agree with most of the explanations. My reason for liking Insurrection isn't so much that it's in the spirit of TNG so to speak, though I do agree it does have the most TNG feel of the TNG movies, but I like it more for the political side of it and the moral story that is being told in that film.


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First Contact. Yeah. Picard and the gang in action. This article was quite right. I LOVED The Thing (the original and second remake, not the last). ET? Not so much.

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