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Wrath of Khan vs First Contact


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Just curious on what everybody thought was a better movie. I love both to death, but I myself have to go with Wrath of Khan. What are your opions? 


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Totally Khan. To me it is the ultimate Star Trek story, about Star Trek's greatest hero rediscovering the urge to "explore strange new worlds". I love First Contact, but it does feel a little bit like Star Trek doing the Alien Sci-Fi/horror thing, as opposed to a pure Star Trek story.


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I totally agree with you! Thanks for the answer!!


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Whilst I love The Wrath of Khan,
First Contact has the benefit of
coming after that movie and thusly,
builds upon it and takes "The Human
Adventure" to a whole new level ...
Thanks, in part, to a superior director:


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Yes, I liked both, but First Contact was much better.

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I love both, they are like apples and oranges. It's just nice that each cast had such a classic movie.


I did, however, write a song about the awesomeness of Wrath of Khan. Check it out!!

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Althought I like First Contact my favourite film is Wrathj of Khan the space fight and awsomeness of Montalban as Khan  and also as it references to a episode as well is brilliant and also shows sacrifice as well. Wrath of Khan is in every way superior to the latest movies


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The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country are my favourite Star Trek movies followed by First Contact.


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Wrath of Khan was an instant 'trek' classic...and is a well told tale...not necessarily 'classic trek' but a great movie anyway (huh...kinda like STAR TREK 2009 and STID) lacks the Roddenberry metaphoric message...sure it has self sacrifice and revenge and a top notch adversary (just like STID for obvious reasons) but it did lack a relevant socio-political message (unlike STID)....I rank it (as many trekkies do) as my top movie anyway...props to Meyer though for doing TUC as well...that was a more 'classic trek' movie and I loved that as well...

FC was a brilliant movie that brought in fans because it wasnt a trek movie in the strictest worked for trekkies and general fans alike....Picard is awesome as always (the line must be drawn HERE! THIS FAR, NO FURTHER!), worf again (Assimalate this!- probably my favorite line), some VOY shoutouts, and I did really like poor LT. Hawk...and was a great installment featuring time travel and the Borg...ranks as my second favorite

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The Wrath of Khan had more depth and substance woven throughout. It had an advantage over First Contact because it was able to explore the characters in a different phase of their lives. There is really very little seperation from the TV adventures and the beginning of FC. So, Wrath of Khan really had a leg up in terms of the emotional impact and themes of mortality, consequence, age, etc. and seeing those characters dealing with things in ways you'd never seen before. In a way, I think that's one of the reasons that the success of TWOK can never be simply can't reproduce the conditions of the Star Trek franchise as they existed at that time.


That said, First Contact is also a great Star Trek movie and is easily the "best of the bunch" of the Next Generation films. Great performances by the cast, a well-written and well-balanced script, and ultimately a fun and engaging thrill ride. 

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