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I joined this website so that I could make a post in reply to a discussion I was reading and after registering I come to find that I can't post anything to that discussion. What a huge waste of time, shame on this forum, I will be removing as much of my account information as I am allotted and I will never return to this site. Don't make a forum if your not going to let members post a fucking reply to a dicussion. Obviously whomever is running this site/board doesn't deserve to be doing so and is in fact failing epically. Also Kess(sp) from Voyager series turned into a dumb, selfish, whore. So much so that I can't even stand watching any episodes in which she plays a large part on. To the writers who decided this was a good idea, please go kill yourselves so that something similar does not happen again in the future, those who run this board should follow that same suggestion for their failure to allow members to post to dicussions.


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Utter fail since you posted this


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I would suggest you were banned, most likely for language and telling people to kill themselves.



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I would "guess" that the topic you were reading was closed or was placed in their archive wherein no one can reply to.

I don't know what you were reading, but an example of this for the reason I had joined was the topic in Star Trek:  The Original Series was "Kirk's religion".  I, too, joined the forum and wanted to post to that topic but I had found that no reply button was available.  There was nothing to indicate to the thread why I could not.  So either it was closed or it was placed in an archive.  I really don't know.

This would bring to the floor another question:  since the topic is no longer available to post to, can new members reopen the topic by posting the thread again?

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