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Evidence the Borg were the reason UFP losing war Yesterday Enterpise timeline


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Report this Aug. 20 2013, 7:58 pm

First piece evidence is simple fact USS Enterpise D iinvestigating usual radiation anomaly.

Any wish see this line being spoken

"Military log, combat date 43625.2. While investigating an unusual radiation anomaly, the Enterprise has encountered what could almost be called a ghost from its own past - the Enterprise-C, the immediate predecessor to this battleship."

They could watch Yesterday Enterpise on this site 5 minute and 47 secounds to about to six munite and 6 secounds.

Question should be why would UFP send starship check radiation anomaly time of war. Answer other starbase dispeared same thing. It though Klingon had design some way arrive area lot faster by superise. 

Caption Pircard statement is that enemy vessial only more back point.  Starfleet beleve Kligion destory things Borg doing.

For all we know Borg doing the same thing to Klingons.  They might even beem weaken one side up weaken other side get more high tech goodies. Keep war going on and on






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Not neccesarily in times of war they would send a Battleship to investigate for a few reasons.

1. The Klingons could be using a new type of weapon that could help them win a war against a verty weak federation.

2, It may be a allied vessel in trouble unable to hail as the federation even said they needed all the ships they could get indicating like my first comment that the federation was almost defeated.

However in the whole episode there is not evidence of the borg no transwarp corridors or anything indicating resistance was futile. 


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First possible hit nearmly three problem first why did Klingon send scout ship own out check out the unusual radiation anomaly. Also why did they send out three  K'Vort-class battle cruisers not under cloak into UFP terrioiry in 8 minute and 21 secounds. To about 8 minute and 21 secounds on Yesterday Enterpise on Star site you watch see for yourself. So why did BOP have come first why not Kvort class battle cruiser came to the radiation anomaly. My answer is that BOP lot fathaur away smart militery tantic send scout first before sending warship get fight. 

 Secound reason extre unlikley For all crew USS Etnerpise D Yesterday Enterpise know it Borg ship coming out. Pircard ask Lt Yar is that enemy vessial 2 minute and 42 secounds to about 2 minute and 50 secounds.  Meaning crew USS Enterpise D yesterday timeline did not know if UFP vessial a Borg ship or Klingon warship or anything else.

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