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The 'New Trek' and a new story


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As a lifelong trekkie who cannot get enough of TOS, TNG, and DS9, I have always wanted to write something to contribute to the mythos that is Star Trek but I could never find a good story to tell that has not been already told...until the reboot came out in 2009. I know the Abramsverse is not 'classic trek', but I accept it as what it is meant to be, a find (kinda mindless action flick) summer blockbuster fun that made trek relevant again. My story idea wants to blend the great storytelling\characters\allegories of classic trek with the new frontiers and action of the new universe...I have started a draft for a story of the USS Reliant (different crew, with a couple TOS\movie shoutouts like Valeris and Saavik and Garth and Cartwright) dealing with the conflict of the 'militarization' of starfleet by section 31 and the original mission of Starfleet and the captain of the Reliant caught in the middle of trying to preserve peace and Section 31's attempt to provoke war with the I said I want this to have classic trek but I would like to gauge opinions on my story Idea and also input as to how many shoutouts to have (in light of the negative reaction STID received for its excessive homage to TWOk\Space Seed)...please let me know what you think and Live Long and Prosper...

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Please don't do that.


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with all due respect (and I do not mean to sound angered or defensive), what do you propose I do? I want this story to happen and have the characters and situation fleshed out and I think that thanks to treks immense popularity most stories have been told (I know that they have the whole set of alternate timelines) and I wanted to try to bring some real trek to new trek...any suggestions is appreciated!

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