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Report this Aug. 18 2013, 8:06 pm

I am curious if anyone knows wheter or not the Captain Summit with Shatern, Nimoy, Stewart, and Frakes hosted by Whoopi Goldberg from the previous box set will be included in this set?  There are a slew of new commentaries including Roberto Orci.  The Enterprise Evolution video is also included.  It would be a real shame if they decided not to include the Captains Summit in the new box set yet inculde the Evolution video.  Its the one aspect holding me back from purchasing it....I also wasnt a fan of the box art for the indiviusal movies in the previous blu-ray box sets.  Why they decided to use photos of the actors on the covers and not the wonderful theatre posters which were on the VHS covers eleudes me.  

In the end, the only way I will purchase a new box set is if EACH AND EVERY SINGLE MOVIE is released in a special edition or directers cut version.  I would love all these movie intact with all the cut scenes...not to mention the rock people of Star Trek V lol.

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