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How we the fans can Bring Back Star Trek: Enterprise!


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I agree with Brannon Braga that Enterprise could Enterprise return with the help of Netflix (  I defietly feel that it should be allowed to return.  However I think we need a larger effort than what will be possible to accomplish just by Netflix alone.

Just watching the video on Netlix by itself is not enough.  I suggest the following in addition to a Netflix campaign:

     1)     Purchase Enterprise on Blu-ray and DVD.   Direct feedback via cash flow is necessary if renewal is to ever be taken seriously.  As we all know money speaks the loudest in is one of the greatest motivators for getting business done.

     2)     Watch Enterprise on Amazon Instant/Prime and, Hulu.

     3)     Watch Enterprise episodes on

     4)     Organize a panel a SciFi conventions on the specific topic of getting Enterprise its final 3 seasons.

This does work as is evidenced by the success of the Bring Back Kathryn Janeway campaign ( that was instrumental in Janeway’s resurrection in the books after she had been killed off.  The editors and writer of the books were resistant but the persistent efforts of the Bring Back Kathryn Janeway paid off.

At   At Shore Leave 33 (2011) Kirsten Beyer who is the current author of Voyager books hosted a panel to debate bringing back Kathryn Janeway.   Approximately 1 year later Janeway was back.   Then at Shore Leave 35 (2013) Kirsten Beyer hosted another panel entitle “Janeway is back (in the books) to discuss her upcoming book Star Trek Voyager: Protectors that picks up with the events directly after her return.

      5)     We may also want to contact Paramont & CBS and express the interest in direct to DVD episodes such as those which were done with Futurama.  These sales help them to gauge interest once they count the sales.  Furthermore these sales will help to finance production costs for future episodes.  It worked for Futurama and could also work for Enterprise.

There definitely should be a 5th, 6th and 7th season of Enterprise. The show became very good in season 3 and season 4 continued to build on that. A lot of people seem to forget that TNG was a bit of a flop until its 3rd season as well as DS9.

I want to see season 5-7 of Enterprise and watch the Earth-Romulan War unfold. I have read the Enterprise books and they are currently in the stages of the war. I can say that the books are quite compelling.

It isn't like Enterprise would be the first television show to return after being cancelled several years earlier.

Feasibly it would still be possible to have the remaining 3 seasons of Enterprise without it seeming too odd. The crew of Enterprise is not too old yet and they could fast forward a few years to the start of the Earth-Romulan War.  Remember in the final Enterprise episode (These Are The Voyages...) efforts were made to make the crew look a few years older since it was set several years later and Enterprise was being decommissioned because the ship was essentially obsolete.  That being for new episodes the crew would look about the same age and a new different looking Enterprise is already explained (even if they decide to say that Enterprise underwent a refit this would also be a plausible explanation for the ship having a different/updated look).


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Good ideas. I hope they do not bring back Trip. Only because he died in the last TV episode. It is pointless to bring him back. That was done with Spock and that was a mistake. Once dead never coming back.

Blalock & Nimoy were the best two actors in the Star Trek universe. Go Vulcans!


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i would love enterprise to return, but in my mind the only one that should definetly return would be tpol . maybe tey could make her the capt n wfter archer dies.


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Quote: TravisMalcolm @ Aug. 18 2013, 5:41 pm


>Good ideas. I hope they do not bring back Trip. Only because he died in the last TV episode. It is pointless to bring him back. That was done with Spock and that was a mistake. Once dead never coming back.


In the books it was said he faked his death to become a section 31 agent behind enemy lines made sense because his death was more pointless than Tasha yars as he easiy could have tricked the pirates like he did the Ferengi


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I think logic start add things Enterpise new part Enterpise Show was. At least know enough people welling buy that complete idea Twilight part new people buy put Enterpise on the path back on air. Even smell part by the way would likley do the trick.


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My favorite season of Enterprise is season 4. 

I do think they deserve a new season or at least a movie, because the last episode 'These are the Voyages' really sucked.

It was not an ending for Enterprise. I had the feeling that I was watching an extention of the TNG episode The Pegasus.

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