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TOS Remastered DVDs

Jim Kirk

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Report this Aug. 18 2013, 8:14 am

I have just started watching TOS DVDs.  I have to say I love them, it's like I am reliving TOS all over again


I still like the oginal untouched version but these remastered DVDs are really nice.


Anyone else feel the same way?


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Well I didn't grow up on TOS, I was born in 1989, and TOS was actually the last series I watched, but I really love the remastered versions. The remastered dvds are actually pretty crappy though. Crappy cases, on crappy double sided discs with no labels...only 2 to 3 episodes per disc. The blu-rays are MUCH better. Better cases, better discs, better menus, better quality obviously since it's blu-ray, and also the blu-rays have the 60's versions AND the remastered versions. You can even toggle between the two versions while watching if you want. It's really awesome. You should just get the blu-rays. The dvds suck lol


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I first watched TOS in 1969 and am re-watching it on the remastered DVD's after not having seen it for awhile.  The updated special effects don't actually mean that much to me, but I love how clear, sharp, and bright everything is.

The one problem I have with the remastered episodes is that in many of them, the tips of Spock's ears are clearly a different color than his natural ear, especially in the first season.  That wasn't visible before they made everything so clear and sharp, and it detracts a bit from my favorite character.  Still, that's a minor detail, and I'm loving the remastered episodes for the most part.



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