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If you could have one show return to tv which would it be ?

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TOS.  Because there's no such thing as enough Spock. :-D



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I'd go for more TOS for a couple of reasons.  The Enterprise's 5 year mission was cut short to 3 seasons due to the current Nielsen system of the time.  When they got the new system with the accompanying demographic data a few years later, in the 70s, Paramount realized that the show was hitting exactly the viewers GR thought it would in greater and greater numbers.  That's why ST:  Phase 2 was being developed in the late 70s, Paramount wanted to bring it back. 

TNG and DS9 both had long, successful runs at 7 seasons each.  They don't need any more episodes. 

VOY, well, again it had 7 seasons.  I think it was largely a TNG clone (in fact, Michael Pillar admitted as much).  I was apathetic or irritated with over half the characters, I thought it largely failed to fully exploit its premise, but, despite that, it had some great episodes.  To sum it up, though, I don't need or want to see any more VOY.  It was the show that burned me out on Berman and Braga Trek. 

I never was able to get into ENT.  What I saw completely failed to capture my interest, which is the the first time that has ever happened in the franchise.  It was a mixture of burnout on B & B trek and not so much that the show was terrible in itself.  I really can't judge it objectively, since i haven't seen enough of it.  ENT did get 4 seasons, even though it was essentially cancelled after season 3.  Season 4 was only produced to get enough episodes for a syndication package.  So, unlike TOS, ENT failed under the modern Nielsen system and still got another season of episodes to boot.  In any case, I'm still not interested in seeing END, so if I had a choice, I'd go with the show I love the most and the one I thought got really short-changed, TOS. 

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