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For those of you who have asked how to watch all of Star Trek


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For about a week I have been working on the ultimate Star Trek list for those of you who have asked how to watch. Often the new fans are uncertain where to start and how to watch. This list will help for sure. This list is in it's exact chronological seqence. It will start you on Enterprise and end with Star Trek Nemesis. I have the years posted for all of the episodes, and I also have the writers and directors for each episode and movie listed. There are a few more very minor modifications I will probably make, but they are so minor that it definitely won't keep anyone from using this as a tool. I'm just referring to the 5 star ratings on everything. I haven't changed that yet as I myself need to think about it, and this is something that is subjective to each person. I also haven't updated that it says the format for everything is blu-ray, again this doesn't stop anyone from using this as a tool. In time in all likelihood, all of Star Trek will eventually be on blu-ray anyway, so I have left that part alone.

The only thing I have changed in the list, is putting Enterprise up front, and then Star Trek V and VI with the other TOS movies rather than during TNG. Everything else in this list is in it's exact order that everything was released in. This helps ALOT for fans who want to watch TNG, DS9 and Voyager altogether and know when to watch the TNG movies. My information comes from Memory Alpha if anyone wants to check it out, you should! It's awesome! Anyway, here is a like for my Star Trek Chart. I hope it helps add to your Star Trek Enjoyment.!429&authkey=!AJ91MLqrJDnQ8N4


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Thanks for compiling this list! Now, I'll know what to watch and in what order, thanks again.

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My pleasure! I've wanted to do something like this for quite some time and just never really got around to it. I want fans, particularly new fans, to get the most enjoyment possible from this vast universe, and I think you get much more enjoyment from the show if you know how to properly watch it. Many people just watch all of one series and move on to the next, and that's fine, but you do miss out on some things doing it that way. Glad I could help.


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I wouldn't have recomended starting with Enterprise.

I see the whole series as an alternate timeline.

In The Next Generation Captain Picard mentions humans encountering the Klingons in space not on Earth.

If you watch Enterprise and see it as an alternate reality then you're less likely to get confused.



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Enterprise is considered canon though, and it is a prequel, thus chronologically it is the first series in Star Trek.

Star Trek 2009 and Into Darkness is an Alternate Timeline, and that is canon fact. Everything from 1966-2005 is considered canon and prime universe. Even JJ Abrams and the writers of 09 and Into Darkness say that it's an alternate timeline. It was written that way. There's nothing to support that Enterprise does not fit with the other series.

And before we get on the Xindi, the Xindi was all part of the Temporal Cold War, and the Temporal Cold War screwed with the timeline so much that there's really no way to know how it would have impacted later federation history books. How do we know Picard's information was accurrate? How many people today know EXACTlY what was going on 200 years ago in the year 1813? History buffs sure, however is it not true that history changes with the person writing it? There's sure to be a few details that got muffled through history.

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When TOS first aired, they were making things up as they went along, and a lot of things that are now considered canon were ... a bit shaky* in the first third of the first season.  I think it actually makes a lot more sense to watch things in the order in which they were made, so we see the creative development of the world and its peoples over time.

Also, the first two seasons of TOS are especially strong, and it's good to show newcomers some of the best stuff right up front, before they get bored and decide to try a different fandom instead.


*For example, at first, Kirk commands the "United EARTH Ship Enterprise."  The organization they all work for is has several different names before they finally settle on Starfleet, and they try out a couple of different names before they stick to "United Federation of Planets."  Spock is said to be "Vulcanian" for much of the first season, and the Prime Directive doesn't come online for awhile.


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I can see where you are coming from, however my method DOES work. I have used this method on people who have never seen Star Trek before and every person who I get into Star Trek is almost always overwhelmed by it, they aren't sure if they want to get into something so big, and they always are unsure about getting into a show from the 60's.

So that is why I start newbies on Enterprise. New comers find beginning with Enterprise a lot easier because it's nowhere near as dated as TOS, and despite what many fans say, Enterprise really is a good series. Every person I get started on Enterprise is pretty much always hooked by the time they see Shockwave, Part 1. So I tell them to keep going and talk to them about it. I got a guy into Star Trek who doesn't even like shows that use stand alone episodes. He is very much into serialized stuff. So I told him, hey keep on watching, Season 3 is one giant arc, so that got him excited and he absolutely loved it. I told him, Season 4 isn't a giant arc, but it's full of small ones. Again that peaked his interest, and he loved the whole series. After he got done with Enterprise, he was into Star Trek and wanted more, and he was ready to see TOS now. Something he hadn't cared about before.


I've done this with quite a few people, and I have yet to have a failure. Us Trekkies can watch TOS til we're blue in the face because we've grown up on it and loved it for years. It doesn't look or feel dated to us because we're used to it. But for a newcomer who isn't a kid, and hasn't grown up watching it, Enterprise is the best choice. You COULD start someone with TNG, which does look great in HD now, but there's still important things about the universe of Trek they will have missed out on. And I would never start someone on DS9 or Voyager. They are actually my favorite series, but DS9 and Voyager are very involved series that expect the viewer to already have extensive Star Trek knowledge. If you were to start a newbie on either of them they'd get frustrated and bored.


And as far as things like the Prime Directive not being talked about for awhile in TOS, what difference does that make?

There is no Prime Directive at all in Enterprise. So again someone seeing Enterprise first isn't going to hurt anything they see TOS. Or TNG for that matter.

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