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Star Trek etymology


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Star Trek etymology:

Ocampa Lat. oc, ob -toward, against + campus -field

Annorax Lat. annum -year + rex -king

Dukat Lat. ducere, ducatus -to lead (leader)

Hirogen hero + generare -to born, generate

Masaka from word mask

Kazon Gr. kakos -bad + zone

Borg Gr. kybernetes -helmsman + ergon, -org -work, cyborg

Korgano Lat. cor -heart + Gr. ganos -joy

Cardassia Gr. kardia -heart + Lat. as, assis -copper coin (heart made of copper because were cruel)

Ferengi Lat. fero, ferre -to bear, to carry + angor, anxiety

Krenim Gr. chronos -time

Orpax or -gold (French) + Lat. pax -peace

Tricorder Lat. tri -three + cor, cordis -heart (three times thinker for computer com -together, with + putare -to think

Hologram Gr. holos -whole, complete + gramma -letter, writing

Android Gr. aner, andros -man + eidos, -oid -form, shape

Duras Lat. durus -hard

Ponfar Lat. ponere -to put + fari -to speak

Sto-vo-kor Lat. sto -I stand + vocare -to call + cor, cordis -heart

Ulani Belor Lat. ullus -any + an -of, related to + bellum -war

Benil Lat. bene -well + il -of, related to

Dolak Lat. dolor -pain + ac -of, related to

Korinas Lat. cor, cordis -heart + in -of, related to

Lonar Lat. luna -moon

Krim grim

Ocett Lat. oculus -eye + ett -little, small

Pirak Gr. pyr -fire + ac -of, related to

Preloc Lat. prae, pre -before + loqui, locutus -speak

Prenar Lat. prae, pre -before + nare -to swim

Ranor Lat. rana -frog

Rekelen Lat. re, red -back, again + celare -to hide + en -of, related to

Revok Lat. re, red -back, again + vocare -to call

Rugal Lat. ruga -wrinkle + al -of, related to

Seska Lat. sedere, sessus -to sit, settle + ka -of, related to (Slavic, Sanskrit)

Spumco Lat. spuma -foam

Surjak Hindi suraj -sun + ac -of, related to

Telak Gr. tele -far + ac -of, related to

Suliban Lat. sulum, suli -each thing, everything + bane

Talaxians Lat. talis -such, so great + ax -having ability, ing suffix

Vorta Lat. vorare, voratus -to swallow, devour

Vidiians Lat. videre -to see, look at, vidi -I have seen

Delvok Lat. delere, deletus -delete, destroy + vocare -to call

Taurik Gr. taurus -bull + ic -of, related to

Tuvok Lat. tu -you + vocare -to call

Weyoun way + Lat. unus, una -one

Mala Lat. malus, mala -evil, bad

Motura Lat. movere, motus -to move + ur -of, related

Suran Fr. sur, super -above + an -of, related to

Vrax Lat. uro, urere, ustus -burn + ax -ing suffix

Xerius Gr. xeros -dry

Orum Lat. os, oris -mouth

Neral It. nero -black + al -of, related to

Nevala Lat. ne -not + valere -to be strong

Jas Holza Ger. holz -wood

Surmak Fr. sur, super -above + make

Bajor bajar -to go down, to descend (Spanish) (because was conquered)

Empok Nor em -in, empower + notorious

Terok Nor terror + notorious

Neelix Lat. ne -not + lex, legis -law or lux, lucis -light, not bright

Culluh cull -collect, separate

Vor'cha Lat. vorare -to devour + chance


For those interested in etymology I made various games etymologies on Crestfallen, the Way forum:

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