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will weaton needs to grow up


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Altogether now 


seriously Wil Wheton has got even more annoying even in Big Bang Theory I cringe whenever I see him. Everytime I see him on stage I hear Sheldon go WHEATOOOON in despair


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Quote: Serrano @ Aug. 18 2013, 1:49 pm

>Scotty inspired a generation of young people to be engeneers. When he died the first thing the BBC announcer said was, "He made being an engineer cool."

My question, "Do you think Star Trek generates an interest in science literacy?" may have been inspired by that statement.

I stand corrected! Yes ... STAR TREK
has been reputed to have inspired the
youth of generations in several ways.
But to BE an engineer, takes alot more
than having Scotty as an icon. Studying
to BE a doctor involves so much more
than watching STAR TREK. Inspiration
is one thing. Committment, dedication
and aptitude are something else ...


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Quote: rob39874 @ Aug. 19 2013, 3:34 am


>Altogether now 


>seriously Wil Wheton has got even more annoying even in Big Bang Theory I cringe whenever I see him. Everytime I see him on stage I hear Sheldon go WHEATOOOON in despair



And every time you're on stage?  ...oh wait, that's right, you've done nothing of note with your life except throw insults on a Star Trek message board. 


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Quote: Hegemony.Cricket @ Aug. 18 2013, 6:51 am


>Wl Wheaton's objections are valid. Back when you could actually learn something on The Learning Channel and Discovery, they used to make heavy use of reinactments and simulations to dramatize their subject matter. They were used to illustrative purposes, so you could see what a Crusader riding into battle would look like, or understand the layout of an ancient building which had since been destroyed. The problem is that Discovery aired a dramatization as "found footage" which without disclaimers could be misread as "evidence". The problem is that Discovery has been taking a more sensational direction since it fell under the leadership of a major network CEO, and it's reached the point where you stand a better chance of learning about sharks from "Sharknado". 

>"Shark Week" is a ratings grab, and rarely features their best programming. They tend to air things like "Air  Shark" (make a shark jump and film it in slow motion), and the sickening special last year where a guy caught a shark for funsies, accidentally killed it when it tried to get away, and dragged the thing home a macabre trophy.  

>Wil made a specific stand: re-enactments are fine, but no fake "found footage".  Educational television should never mislead the viewer. It's fine if you didn't mind the "B Movie" scenes in the special, but his opinion was well-founded and well explained. He certainly doesn't need to "grow up". 



QFT. The same crap seems to have happened to Animal Planet which was one of my favorite channels as a kid. When I used to watch it the majority of their shows were educational. These days its a bunch of reality shows, dramatizations and presenting fear-induced rumors and hysteria about certain animals as fact. Their new tagline is "Surprisingly Human", and I would agree with that because you see stuff you would expect to find on MTV.

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Sorry, but Wil has a point. The standards of the discovery channel are in the toilet. They just make shows that they can cut an exciting 30 second commercial from. Their programming is sensationalist crap with little basis in science. 

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