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Odd Star Reveals Magnetic Field Around Milky Way's Monster Black Hole


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How would such a pulsar effect Dark Matter? Once we get through Dark Matter all there is the infinity of space. Perhaps the strong magnetic field of the Magnetar radiates outwards through Dark Matter thus increasing the strength of its gravitational field. This can be assumed to be correct based upon Relativity. Think of it this way. You have a circular object that is made of metal and you apply heat to one location for a few hours. If you were to put a temp gauge on the far side of the metal circle at the farthest point from the point of heating the heat will eventually warm the other side of the metal circle up...if and only if the steel is not to thick that would actually create a heat effective zone at the point where the air was cool enough to the heat from spreading. Perhaps gravity works in the same manner. It can only travel as far as the thickness of the Dark Matter medium that surrounds it.


Brad Watson, Miami

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I assume that "Milky Way's Monster Black Hole" is meant to be the supermassive black hole at the center of this galaxy?

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