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Time Warner


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I don't know if this is a region wide thing or what, but I am getting a message that says "time warner cable customers: time warner cable has dropped cbs and won't let you watch your favorite cbs shows" followed by a number to call.... Why am I getting this? I don't have cable, I use an antenna to watch tv, so why do I have to suffer because of time warner cable? I could call the number but I doubt they care what I have to say since I'm not a cable tv watcher.


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If Time Warner is your internet provider, that is why you are getting the message. Since CBS/Paramount owns Star Trek, anyone trying to watch any Star Trek on any device with service supplied by Time Warner, they will be blocked until the two of them hash out their contract differences. Personally, I have switched to AT&T just on principle. And it turns out to be cheaper anyway.

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