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What is Dark Matter?


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Here is something else that is interesting to think about. Think of the entire Universe that is everything that is all traveling at the speed of infinity. Then for some unknown reason two particle collide and in an instant they release a fury of energy causing the particle collision to slow to the speed of light while the space around the collision maintains its velocity at the speed of infinity.

It would make sense that Dark Matter comprises 80% of our Universe. If you think about it if Dark Matter did comprise 80% of our Universe then any object, particle or state of matter passing through space could reach a velocity faster than the speed of light. The speed of light is maintained by two factors A sun from which a light photon is born of and its velocity governed by and a black hole which is the only known force other than a sun to effect a light photon. If we remove all of the Dark Matter from our Universe would a light photon be able to travel faster than the current speed of light because of the mass of Dark Matter not being present? Or is Dark Matter like the wind? We know it is there and it effects forward velocity but we still can't measure it unlike the wind. Another interesting question is does Dark Matter exist on the outside of our Universe or is Dark Matter a result of the collision of particles at the speed of light that gave birth to the center of our Universe?

Here is something else fascinating about Dark Matter. It is everywhere. What if Dark Matter is what causes a humans body to slowly decay after death where all of the energy within the human body including the mind, soul and memories are taken from the body particle by particle and then redistributed across space and time where one day you might be having a good day at work and then suddenly get this urge that you know the person walking towards you even though you have never met them your entire life and have never seen a familiar picture of them anywhere? Perhaps that is what De Je Vu is. Perhaps that is why we have memories of people we have never met. They are memories of other people from across the expanse of space and time fuse into our DNA during our primary stage of much Pink Floyd maybe....nah. You can have to much Pink Floyd in your life....Straight to the atom heart mother if you will Eugene.

Now relax and let your mind go....thats it a quiet subtlty of one is around just you and the Universe......Focus on your dreams and remember them....write them down...take into accounty what you have dreamt and keep it locked away deep inside a vault and see if your dreams are part of a Dark Matter network of thoughts pertaining future events....Just let it all go and flow through the a Great Gray Eagle on the wind of her soul.


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I'm still not convinced that Dark Matter
really even exists. I think scientists are,
quite simply, struggling to understand
how gravity really operates, because their
numbers don't exactly add up ...


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Very accurate response.

The way that I understand gravity is that gravity as we know it is produced from two sources, suns and blackholes.

Both of which only come after the Big Bang has occured.

Dark Matter could be the Big Bangs 'placenta'. I know that's gross but thats the only way I can explain it. The placenta is present around the particles that are part of the Big Bang which in this case Dark Matter would be the Universe's placenta. Slowly as the calf inside the placenta grows the placenta enlarges by having new mass added to so that the placenta would expand while still keeping the particle together before the Big Bang.

When the Big Bang occurs the Placenta expands at a rapid velocity and slowly tears away leaving areas of the Universe full of Dark Matter Placenta that is twisted together like a spider web. See the image below.


The spider web strands would be Dark Matter or the Universes Placenta with the funnel at the center being the point where the Big Bang occured.

Any matter passing through the strands would be affected by the pull of the gravity at the center of the Universe while still at the same time slowly expanding outwards.

Perhaps when we discover mysteries of why two galaxies collide perhaps the spide web strands hold them in place have snapped hurling them through the Universe.

Alot of things about out Universe can be discovered through the smaller creatures on Earth who are atuned to the soul of the Universe than humans are.

A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.

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