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Is this a super rare blueprint or is it just a worthless novelty? Please help!


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I was given a large Enterprise blueprint. This was given to a friend as a boy, perhaps 20-25 years ago. The person who gave it to him told him it was very important, first draft or something like that. I have done hours of research and talked to all my friends who know Trek, and have turned up nothing. I need help here! Is this worth something or is it just a worthless piece of paper now?

Here are the photos: PHOTOS

Note that this has no copyright marks or production marks. All the stats are fictional, except for the address of where it was published through. Pocket Books (or it's parent company Simon & Schuster) I believe, prints all the Star Trek books. Please help! I just want answers and perhaps an estimated value.

Look, I've been scouring the internet for hours trying to find this dang blueprint. I just want answers, haha.

Thank you!


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Looking at the age of it, this might be something someone was planning to use for a book, but I really don't know for sure.  It's not in the best of shape, but still... if you could find out where it came from and prove it's authenticity, it might be worth something.  On the other hand, it could be that Trekkie made this up a long time ago just for fun, but since it names Pocket, I doubt it.


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I looked at it. It is VERY interesting. I am not sure what to suggest but there must be a way to check its authenticy and its' rarity. Did you notice in the defense systems it mentioned a cloaking device? As far as I know the USS Defiant of Deep Space 9 was the only federation ship to have a cloaking device. One idea is checking with the Antique Roadshow if it comes anywhere near you? They have experts covering everything that you can think of and can usually determine if an item is genuine or a fake and whether or not it has value. Perhaps there is a way to contact them and submit a question about it. If you find out anything interesting, I would be curious to hear about. 


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It looks like theillustrations in Franz Joseph's Star Trek Technical Manual. 

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