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Are Trekkies more likely to be Liberal Atheists?


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I don't have any hard facts, but it seems to be unfair.


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What is unfair about someone having the freedom to make a choice?  You'll find that on this site, we have a range of very pro-God to very anti-God.


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I'm a Athiest but I don't believe that is due to me being Trekkie


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I would reframe the question like this: Are liberal atheists more likely to be trekkies. I mean the majority of trek fans are certainly religious but I would bet a disproportionate number of liberal atheists are trek fans. Speaking as a liberal atheist who knows alot of liberal atheists, I have found that many of us are science nerds.,,,,and science nerds like trek.

Religion is certainly a touchy subject in trek. Roddenberry famously didnt want trek to go there and probably would have hated DS9 (my favorite), and publically ripped into star trek 5 (my least favorite). I always felt that trek did it right. It never really endorsed nor outright disavowed religion. It always promoted the idea of tolerance while never shying away from discussing evolution as a scientific fact.

In our politically charged times, I wish that we as a society was a little better at respecting personal beleifs while simultaniously acknologing that scientific truth is important and vital to us as a society...not to mention as a species.

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Don't know the statistics, but Star Trek seems to encourage a "liberal" and "secular humanist" philosophy, so it makes sense that it would attract those who are already inclined towards such a philosophy. The attitude of Star Trek (and Roddenberry) towards religion is an interesting side-topic, the exploration of which would take a more lengthy post than I have time for right now. (At least, as far as doing the question justice.)

And if there is a correlation, I think it is more likely to flow in that direction: Not that Star Trek is likely to turn people into "liberals", but that it is more likely to attract likeminded people (ie, "liberals")

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King B IX

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Not a big fan of religion.  People have f*cked it up with their insane interpretations 

And there's a huge difference between US liberals and liberals in Denmark. Admiral Bam Bam would be considered a Liberal in my country.  



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Quote: King B IX @ Aug. 19 2013, 10:16 pm

>And there's a huge difference between US liberals and liberals in Denmark. Admiral Bam Bam would be considered a Liberal in my country.
Exactly right!  If we used the historical definition of "Liberal" and broke down the word (latin "liber" meaning free,) we see that the word "Liberal" and "Liberty" have the same root word.  Real liberals work towards liberty/freedom, not big (tyrannical) government.  Almost a century ago in the USA, the Progressives got such a bad reputation, they dumped their "Progressive" label and incorrectly started using the "Liberal" label.  In Europe, a liberal still supports liberty and limited government.


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The ideas of liberal and conservative are born from the experience of physical reality. Conservatives conserve their incomes, their resources, their capacity to save and send their children to school. Liberals want a spread of resources to those who can hopefully advance their lives and support of their children , so that those children can advance, economically.

Star Trek had no economic divisions, and as a culture, we have not caught up with the idea that all members of the collective wants to avoid conflict absolutely.

Again, conflict is not necessary with comprehension. That is what Star Trek origionally tried to do.


Peace, Mo


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I am a fairly non-religious conservative.  Should I turn in my uniform?


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Shuttlecarrier Assault Group Emerging from FTL


Liberal Athiests are problably some of the deepst thinkers on the planet. Such people do not tend to believe in what they are told to believe in because in the realm of exploration and the notion of religion humanity hasn't even colonized the Moon yet let alone traverse the Universe in search of the keys to knoweldge of Creation.

Merely sitting idle on Earth and saying that group of people from over 2000 years ago up to today had any knowledge of deep space without provable evidence to support their claims are nothing more than Know It Alls who think that humanity has everything it needs on Earth and there is no reason to explore the depths of space.

If read some of the religions on Earth many will discuss the notion of God unleashing a demon on Earth that would have control over a certain percentage of the Earth while God controlled the rest.

Both factors involve one notion that a perceived struggle between God and the Demon would take up so much time of the population of the Earth that many would not have the time to discuss the exploration factor of space and those that did would be ridiculed by those who have been controlled by fear their entire lives to not think about such things because thats not the way they want it to be.

The they would involve those on Earth who through the creation of laws would be able to force the population of humanity to believe a certain religion without question or fear being labeled a Communist, Satan ect. just because they were different than what their preacher told them to that all they are is money. You take away the monetary aspect of such people and they do not have any notion or drive what-so-ever....the chained to the wall of the dungeon of the beast type of people.

But the Liberal Athiest on the other hand have the drive to put aside the human created struggle of God vs the Devil to ask real questions about Creation such as if we exist and life is like the womb of a woman then because a woman's womb can carry more than one fetus then the Universe like the womb of the woman would have more than just one planet capable of sustaining life.

Those against the Liberal are not educated or intelligent they are actos who memorize lines from a religious book and then act out the part that they have memorized much the same way that a Hollywood actor or actress would hoping that their words make the listening believe that they had some type of mental power give to them by God to make other humans believe their point of view only to give them money out a fear of the listener like the speaker not really knowing what the truth is but only the imagined truth.

Liberal Athiests would be the group best suited to lead the charge into exploring space as their quest for knowledge would not allow them to remain idle on one planet for very long thus spreading the seed of humanity further and further into space as Creation has designed us to do, a design meant to keep sentient life thriving and surviving because of such sentient life were to die out then who would remember Creation? No one thus killing off Creation and allowing the total and absolute darkness of non-sentient to reign or the the thought of someones life being directed at every turn by another for the sole benefit of the person doing the directing.

Religions across the planet cannot even begin to say with absolution of arbitrary responses that it knows everything about what is merely by looking through telescopes.

Humanity didn't survive to this point by cave people sitting in a cave and staring out into the darkness before them content with what was only a few hundred feet in front of them.  Humans have survived to this point in our existence because the cave people who wanted to know more braved what the unknowns presented before them.

Now that the Earth has been explored with exception for the Abyss of the oceans humans are once the cave people peering out into the nights darkness from a cave called Earth where once again brave explorers will be needed to breach the darkness in order to spread the seed of humanity through space like our ancestors did billions of years ago. A spread of Creation that will carry our industry with us into new realms of discovery, new medicinal advances that will allow the human race emerege from the Frog Pond once again much to dismay of the cowards on the Earth who would rather sit in their dirty little caves feeling safe and secure but rather merely waiting for the beast to find them and snatch them from their burrow.

The main group to stay away from and label as deficent are those who constantly say "I don't think so" As such people are really trying to tell you that they Do not think and really do not care about thinking but rather only whaty they are told to think and are scared to ask questions for the fear of being beaten on by what is perceived to be someone who is stronger just because they have more. Because having more stuff than another with a monetary value is what such people think about and nothing more. Taking what they can from others to make them feel more secure because of what they have.

The real question is this: if money wasn't a factor for religions around the world would such religions even be preached without the aspect of someone else giving the speaker something for free that they didn't have to labor or strive for in the first place?

A bullfrog with a light in its belly is nothing more than a glutton looking to shine otherwise.


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I am a devout Roman Catholic!
... and a staunch Republican.

And I LOVE STAR TREK: The Next Generation!!!

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