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Why Romulus during TNG so welling to risk a war with UFP


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Basic put thoughout TNG the Romulus no good reason welling risk a war UFP many times.  So why Romulus so welling to take such a risk in first place.


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You forget that Romulans are Vulcan offshoots.
When Vulcan was given to intense emotion and
violent warring with one another, they found
logic and it saved them. But not so, with the
Romulans! True to the passions of their Vulcan
ancestors, they fight with lethality and brutality.
But not entirely without discipline. And if TNG was
to have a worthy foe, it was going to have to be the
Romulans, until the Borg showed up. And that was OK ...


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I actually liked TNG Romulans the borg eventually got very boring as they became a figure of what else can they do. Oh lets give one his own name, Oh now lets due a small borg rebellion and have data and lore become there leaders. And this continued in Voyager. Best of Both Worlds and also the film First Contact were ther best parts of the borg 


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Amount times Roluslus risk full scale war UFP must after Borg show up.

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